Exhausted super mom

When I decided to allow my son to have 6 boys sleep over for his 11th birthday I must have been out of my mind!   6 plus 2 others that came and were suppose to leave at 10.  5-10 pm is what I thought would work, then the others could watch a movie or play video games. Last night was a long night and I am so tired. .. But I think it will be a night he remembers fondly for many years to come.  We had friends do karaoke for them and they shot bows and arrows.  The trouble cam in when some of the kids didn’t want to do karaoke and wanted to play games.  Then my youngest came to tell me they were wrestling up stairs.  I just could not get them to work together.  They were fighting and fighting.  The sleepover group all knew each other.  The other 2 were new friends in our new neighborhood… I finally had to make the 2 call their parents to come get them early.  It was 9:30 and I couldn’t take it any longer!  I hope our neighbors don’t hate me now!  I think they will understand.  Once they left I was able to get them to calm down and work together!  They went to bed at 2 am and were up by 6:30!  Oh my, they are going to be tired tonight.   Some of them are still here.

I have a love hate relationship with December.  Both boys have birthdays and then there’s Christmas too.  It’s a very expensive month for us.

I remember seeing somewhere once where another family gave up sugar for a year and blogged about it.  Another one was giving up spending money for the month of January.  They only allowed a small budget for food and gas and avoided all other spending.  I am seriously considering adding these to my January along with abstinence from alcohol.

Maybe it’s too much?  Have any of you ever done any of these challenges?  If so, how was your experience?  How did it help you?  Was it worthwhile?  I would love to hear from you if you have any thoughts or experience!

2015 is going to be an awesome year!  Big changes are coming for me and my family!  More on THAT later.


Published by lisamarie2015

I just turned 50 and am ready to make 2020 the year of major change for myself and my family! I am a realtor, an artist and a fitness lover. I am ready to tackle some of those difficult things in life that seem to get put off and put off and see where this new road of focus and intention takes me.

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