Getting back on track

So, I’ve strayed from my plans for the past few weeks and I need to regain my focus and determination.

I get frustrated easily with making changes and some hip pain really got me down, but I’m getting back on track here.

I’m not sure if the pain was caused by over stretching in yoga or what but I’m determined to not let it get me down.

February was sprinkled with some drinking and I see myself slowly getting back into old habits. When I allow drinking I stop painting (weird!) and I don’t work out as much. So with the little bits of wine and the hip pain I was not my best version of me.

It’s a process. I have to go through the bad and good to get to the final goals. My business coach is on me to list my top initiatives and rank them and then set the goal deadlines. This has been enlightening!

Weight loss and health are at the top. I’m planning to begin a very new healthy eating plan starting March 8 when we return from a business trip. I can’t wait. And I can’t wait to see results!

More on that soon.

I’ve been so busy I haven’t written much but the goal is to get back to writing more when I return from the trip next week. I miss everyone in this community when I don’t take the time to be here. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s posts!

Be back soon!


Published by lisamarie2015

I just turned 50 and am ready to make 2020 the year of major change for myself and my family! I am a realtor, an artist and a fitness lover. I am ready to tackle some of those difficult things in life that seem to get put off and put off and see where this new road of focus and intention takes me.

5 thoughts on “Getting back on track

  1. Hey Lisa. Nice to see you back and good to read your post. No ones route is the same and obstacles pop up in all shapes and forms. Sounds like you are handling them with awareness and recognising where you might be slipping. My healthy eating and exercise has definitely slipped too give focus to drinking and improving health mentally. I need to link the two now as they impact so much on each other!
    Hope the hip improves soon x


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