2020 good BYE!

I am happy to say goodbye to 2020. I started it with great intentions but it bit me hard! I sucked at 2020! Looking back it was such a trying year.

We had to make the very tough decision to place our 16 year old son in a Christian boarding school due to his behavior. At the time we had no idea he was experimenting with a lot of drugs. We only knew he stole our car and snuck out (before he was 16)! He was doing a lot of destructive things. The decision was very emotionally draining. Thank God we did it. He’s now doing amazing and will graduate in the summer of 2021. The emotional stress of going through this really wore both me and my husband out. Now we are very grateful that we made the decision and excited for his future and the future of our family.

Right at the same time this was happening two of our very long time best friends started causing a lot of stress for us as well. One of them was trained by us to become a real estate agent and was working on our team at the time. We ended up having to remove him from our team and end a 30 year relationship over it. This was and still is a very big stress in our lives. My husband was friends with them for many years and we often travelled together. What we realize though, is that they were causing us a lot of stress because of different viewpoints. They often convinced us to go out and party with them and do things with them and many times it led to us not being home with the kids as much as we should’ve been at certain times. It made us feel kind of guilty and over the last six months we’ve realize that ending that relationship was one of the best things we could’ve ever done.

Then there’s Covid. With my husband being in his 60s and me my 50s we were and are very concerned about Covid, of course. We also sell real estate for a living so we see a lot of people. We have a team of agents and three staff members. We had to change the way we did business and the way we deal with our staff. It was very challenging. Then to top it off I came down with Covid. Thank goodness it was a very mild case and no one else got it. So needless to say, that was quite stressful as well!

All of my good intentions basically got flushed down the toilet this year. I have no excuses. I made the choices I made and now I am living with the consequences of elevated blood sugar, eLD levated cholesterol and elevated weight.

I am looking forward to a fresh start in 2021.

Some very great things came out of 2020 but my health improving was certainly not one of them.

I am excited to get back on track, quit the booze and get back into the gym. I will be participating in 75 Hard for my own accountability and I can not wait!

It’s time for me to focus on myself and not let the outside stresses of life control my health.


Published by lisamarie2015

I just turned 50 and am ready to make 2020 the year of major change for myself and my family! I am a realtor, an artist and a fitness lover. I am ready to tackle some of those difficult things in life that seem to get put off and put off and see where this new road of focus and intention takes me.

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