Busy busy and how to slow down!

Life just gets so darn busy. I want to see what it’s like to live the simple life and really connect to my passions, but it’s just so darn hard! I am trying to make little changes and tweaking and tweaking and then tweaking some more. I’m definitely struggling with seeing myself alcohol free forever.Continue reading “Busy busy and how to slow down!”

If I did not have to work what would I spend my time doing?

This is a question I ponder often. Because my husband is 15 years my senior and at retirement age I often battle with this question. I run a very successful service-based business (real estate), and my retirement age, if typical, is still 15 years away. However, we have built enough in savings that I couldContinue reading “If I did not have to work what would I spend my time doing?”

Things I’m doing because I’m sober

To keep the perspective fresh I want to document things I’ve done over the month of January that I would not have done if I was not sober. 1. I did 23 workouts! Yep! I did. 23 days of 31 I was physically improving myself. I did 6 yoga classes, 6 gym workouts with weightsContinue reading “Things I’m doing because I’m sober”

San Diego trip and a fail at the end!

Well, it got the best of me. Hubby and I made it through the whole event alcohol free until I opened my mouth last night. It was finally over and we took a cab to the beach area. And there was wine everywhere, the sun was setting and the musician was playing. Everyone was sittingContinue reading “San Diego trip and a fail at the end!”