Day 5 without wine morning thoughts

I feel good when I wake up. I am not parched and hungover. I can meditate, exercise and stretch easily and happily because I don’t feel like shit from drinking the night before. I didn’t smoke any cigarettes and I didn’t cough all night (at the end of my drinking days I was smoking aContinue reading “Day 5 without wine morning thoughts”

How did I let myself go so far? What happened to self care?

Yikes. As the fog is lifting from a lifelong (it seems) bender and love affair with wine, I wonder, how did I let myself go so far and so badly? It’s only day 4 but as I weighed in at 186.2, I find myself wondering how I’ve allowed wine to win over everything else. MyContinue reading “How did I let myself go so far? What happened to self care?”

Meal Planning for the week – Day 3

I have decided to make Sunday my day for meal planning and grocery shopping. With two teenage sons, having good healthy food on hand that they will eat and want to eat for dinner (that is not just fatty pizza!!) can be challenging. I asked them both for a list of their favorite foods andContinue reading “Meal Planning for the week – Day 3”