Time to be accountable and make it happen!

My high blood pressure was first diagnosed about 20 years ago when I was undergoing a life insurance test and it was slightly elevated.  I tend to get nervous around doctors and over the years have been on blood pressure medicine for most of the time.  However, I have never really tried to do things to help lower it naturally.  I have smoked occasionally, drank too much wine, not exercised enough, have been and am still 20 plus pounds overweight, have not gotten enough rest, and have not controlled my stress with yoga, meditation, etc.  I have let the magic little pill be my answer to the high blood pressure and have not tried to be a healthier me.

I am ready for the change.  I am ready to finally shed these unwanted pounds, and live a healthier lifestyle!  I have been juicing and making smoothies, eating tons of veggies and less meat and fat.  I have been working out and getting to bed at a decent time.  I have cut way back on my wine.

I go to the doctor for blood work on Monday.  Last time I had blood work done, we had just returned from a month on the road (summer vacation) and my cholesterol was in the upper 200’s (about 5 months ago).  It was awful.  The doctor wanted to put me on cholesterol meds and I wanted to try to change it through diet.  I will see Monday if what I have done is enough.  I really have been more focused lately, and intend to make massive changes if the blood work is not amazingly better.  In addition, my blood pressure was and has been a little elevated, even with the meds, so I know it is likely they will try to increase my dose.  I just want to give this a go and attempt to really lose the weight.

My past efforts have been half-assed and have not worked out at all.  I have been looking into the juicing route as a jump off point to get me going.  Has anyone ever done juicing with success either as a juice fast or as a supplement to a clean,  whole food diet plan?  I am wondering what it would be like to be on a juice fast for 10-30 days and if I could actually do it.  I don’t know if I would have the willpower to do it.  I know I sure would like to see what kind of results I could get by doing it.

I have  anew doctor I am seeing Monday.  I am curious what she will think of the idea.  I don’t know why I have been in denial and have not made a better effort in the past.  It is frustrating to see that all these years have gone by and I have not made more of an effort!  It is time to wake up and live my life to the max!


Published by lisamarie2015

I just turned 50 and am ready to make 2020 the year of major change for myself and my family! I am a realtor, an artist and a fitness lover. I am ready to tackle some of those difficult things in life that seem to get put off and put off and see where this new road of focus and intention takes me.

One thought on “Time to be accountable and make it happen!

  1. Changing your diet will not have a large impact on your cholesterol.
    And my two cents – prolly worth two lira – is that drastic changes will not work. And juicing is NOT a good way to reduce BF%. You actually want the fiber, not the juice. Go with smothies instead, with a focus on veggies, not fruit. Add green tea, not fruit juice, to make the base.
    At some point you will need to address the underlying issue . . . why does a pretty, successful, intelligent woman n e e d to resort to food/wine?
    Rhetorical question, obviously 😊
    You can do this! Rock On!


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